Master Your Payroll Interview

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Paul Aemisegeo

My Story

Hi, I’m Paul Aemisegeo. I have started several payroll companies over the last 25 years and created this guide to help you get hired in the payroll industry.

Don’t delay, master your interview with Paul’s guide and get the insider knowledge to gain the edge over others.

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What’s Included

Master Your Payroll Interview

What you’ll learn:

  • About Paul
  • Payroll interview process
  • Get to know yourself
  • Star method
  • Employers who don’t outsource
  • Getting hired
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Kevin McIntyre

Director of Payroll & HCM Sales

“If you are thinking about interviewing for a Payroll position, I highly recommend that you do, also….you are in great hands with Paul’s Master Your Payroll Interview Guide!”

Giana Vecchio

District Sales Manager

“Paul’s guide is amazing! If you are interviewing for a Payroll position, you need this course.”

David Sollars

District Sales Manager

Paul gives you insider knowledge and prepares you for your interview. This course give you a huge advantage over others. I highly recommend Paul’s Master Your Payroll Interview Guide!”

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